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Outrage Sunday 297 Outrage for Service

Don’t you just adore the new advertising strategy at teh Worst??!! Little ads between the incisive reports. This page was for Burswood Crown Casino. Evil 8 member? Have a pint and a fist-pump! Muslim MP? Pork buffet! This will stop … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 281 dark matter

Gazing into the abyss in Claremont. I’m still not making these up. Oprah has flipped her Klimt. I loathe those Shenton Park days. Always full of Klimt-flipping women staring out of windows, whining about bees going to Moscow.

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Dirty work

“As good as the Royal Show!” That was the only thing missing from this excellent article in today’s paper of record. And it’s good to know there are “glimmers of light” in the construction industry. Mr Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group … Continue reading

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Are goldfish allowed to sell children? Why would the goldfish allow the child to be in the car before the transaction had been completed? Did the goldfish put the child on Gumtree? What did the father father? Surely the goldfish … Continue reading

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deflating organ

So Teh Worst has shrunk by 2.5%. Unhelpful people have been joking it will be the size as shown in the pic below by 2020. And in more distressing media news, the New Limited Xmas function is a sausage sizzle … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 198 WA Street Food

I’m thinking prude food instead of dude food. What is WA food? A lamington inside a Chiko Roll inside an Angry Whopper? I found WA’s only gozleme van! (which, as TLA noted, has to rush between WA’s 20,000 street festivals). … Continue reading

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protect yourself Tough defamation

Those auto-loaded ads can be funny! But reputation is a serious business. Begin the journey.

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