Dirty work

“As good as the Royal Show!” That was the only thing missing from this excellent article in today’s paper of record. And it’s good to know there are “glimmers of light” in the construction industry. Mr Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings is the big kahuna of Teh West and teh Westrac – as any fule kno – so there was surely no need to declare the ownership here. “Larger projects to smaller ones”: small is beautiful again. Keep digging!


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6 Responses to Dirty work

  1. Wasn’t South Guildford where that “interfered with corpse” was


    • Zuben says:

      I was thinking that too … But this seems to be an amusement park for excavator wonks .

      Maybe similar to that one in Phnom Penh by the airport where one could recreate with ak47 s , RPGs , and for an extra fee , tank artillery


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Will they try and get Basil Zempilas doing a bit of cross promotional work on this tonight after the sport on Channel 7 news? Baz loves a cross sell.


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