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A photo – although not a tableau- that I can’t stop looking at. A thing of beauty. Ya Dog. By James C. No doubt a Midland dog. Really nice. One for the future cunts to dawn over. Those fucken dogs. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 281 dark matter

Gazing into the abyss in Claremont. I’m still not making these up. Oprah has flipped her Klimt. I loathe those Shenton Park days. Always full of Klimt-flipping women staring out of windows, whining about bees going to Moscow.

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Outrage Sunday 268 black hole

Hell is other people, said that Frenchy funster Jean Paul Gaultier. If you’re going through hell, keep going, Mitch Marsh said over the weekend. And, Sam Barnett: “It is better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles. Then the … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 260 Rich Wanker

Hello poor people! I am sorry to say media standards worsen. Someone at Aunty can’t spell coverage! But we all make innocent mistakes. Do I ever make mistakes? Absoutely. I am not without quilt. Whoever put this up is quilty … Continue reading

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Triple Threat

NF#1 returns with this. Is fly screen door fitter not an option? Midland. (N) IGA. Is there still a Natalia to be a fan of NF#1? This sounds like a Cold Chisel song. 

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Culture Wars. 

Just putting this here to let the future know you could still buy such items in Perth in 2016.  

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It goes where it goes

The organ wants what it wants. Via the backroad routes I assume.  

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A slight corky

This is in Midland. The patron saint of the corked leg. And…the scallop man bikini…is that a chunk of his leg that the dog has? Anywhere but Midland, this would be baffling. 

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Strap On Condiments

Matt noted our report of minimal C &B at the 100 objects exhibition. He soothes the shock with a pic from The Met, (The Midland Met I assume).  Nice for some balsamic no?    

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Duchie No Pasaran

 NF#1 was in Midland again. Did they mean ambition and enthusiasm do not pass this point? For Midland, I assume that point would be Guildford?     

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