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Outrage Sunday 313 the end

And so we face the final curtain. A tree falls in Guildford, and Krazy Kym was on the spot. Time for one more rapture. Our first (and last) slippers? I was touched by many submissions to TWOP (especially mine). One … Continue reading

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The East shall rise again

Been trying to get this pro slavery apartment in East Perth for a while. Is this what we’re doing now?

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Outrage Sunday 274 meat market

Imagine being so famous you have to wear Post-It notes. So rich your employer has a stationery cupboard the size of Howard Sattler’s woggle. That is happening. 6PR “Commercial Director, Barrie Quick said ‘We are pleased to be launching into … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 260 Rich Wanker

Hello poor people! I am sorry to say media standards worsen. Someone at Aunty can’t spell coverage! But we all make innocent mistakes. Do I ever make mistakes? Absoutely. I am not without quilt. Whoever put this up is quilty … Continue reading

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Are goldfish allowed to sell children? Why would the goldfish allow the child to be in the car before the transaction had been completed? Did the goldfish put the child on Gumtree? What did the father father? Surely the goldfish … Continue reading

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Vibo Lies

A vibrancy of Barnett lies with the beautiful East Perth Station behind it. No doubt they will fuck that up too. By Tristan H.

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I can’t think of a better signifier of Perth’s burgeoning acceptance of different walks of life.  Whatever makes you happy, people.  Heartwarming. By Misspent Yoof.  East Perth.

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Easter Bonnet

Shouldn’t Easter eggs be in the stores by now? In any case, how Perth is this? Rather than the usual hubcap propped up by the side of the road, here is a car bonnet. The scene – after your car … Continue reading

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White Willies Rule

First willy and white supremacy claim of the year. East Perth. By WGG.

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Weekend Worstoff 219

Golden Boy cries “fucking outrage” as Bubby J is knocked off from Pemberton nativity. Joel T asks, “Who is Foyle Villas?” and is his name too grand for crappy Bayswater units? Suburban Ninja wonders if the waters of Claisebrook Inlet … Continue reading

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