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Bolly waffle

What a relief! Something on teh WAToady means I can avoid moderating Frank’s ranting! They have put up a yarn about allegedly stolen champagne (“expensive alcoholic beverage”). They got it from the cops’ Twitter – but don’t report which types … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 255 slice

The Boulevard shops, City Beach. Love it! What is wrong with people? I was shocked and chagrined when I saw a woman litter in Cottesloe. She dropped her bundle, looked at it, looked at me, shrugged – then got into … Continue reading

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Are goldfish allowed to sell children? Why would the goldfish allow the child to be in the car before the transaction had been completed? Did the goldfish put the child on Gumtree? What did the father father? Surely the goldfish … Continue reading

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Free the bears!

Not quilty!   

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lock up yer poo tickets

Wellard station. The day a virgin in a cuntkini could walk down St Georges Terrace with a lamb and a roll of Kleenex Cottonelle are gone, my friends. Maybe it’s different in boho Freo.

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prawn craker

Yesterday lunchtime in Teh Pert, a rice paper roll’s throw from the Magistrate’s Court. The price seems right for these enboomed times. In Midland of course I never pay more than $2.50.

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fatal death

That death thing is LETHAL.

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the hardest word

More than one person is cross with news reports on the Darryl Beamish payment. This is from WAToady; yesterday Aunty broadcasted a report with a grab from someone saying the State Government had apologised – et al. Christian Porter’s media … Continue reading

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