Outrage Sunday 198 WA Street Food

I’m thinking prude food instead of dude food. What is WA food? A lamington inside a Chiko Roll inside an Angry Whopper?
IMG_0707 3
I found WA’s only gozleme van! (which, as TLA noted, has to rush between WA’s 20,000 street festivals). Business opportunity: it’s for sale! You have to retain the apo abuse, though.
Our cuisine is food left at train stations. Here is a recent Shenton Park station buffet.

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12 Responses to Outrage Sunday 198 WA Street Food

  1. BSWAM says:

    “The smokey bustling streets of Vietnam meeting the waters of the Mississippi.”

    So essentially it tastes like a climate-change disaster.


  2. juantrak says:

    I read it as “wah food”, rather than “wa food”. That is, you buy something from one of these dodgy food vans, and after trying to digest a few mouthfuls of the unappetising, greasy, dubious-content, disappointing offering, you think – “I paid good money for this shit?? “WAHHHH! I might as well have gone to Hungry Jacks! – where at least I already know and expect the low-level quality of the shit food.

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  3. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    I’ve always associated the catering at bucks parties to be mainly fruit and veg but that might just be the people I hang out with. I guess if you rolled up a goz and waited for it to cool down a bit it might work.


  4. Shouldn’t food of the South the REAL south be a Hawaiian Pack from River Rooster in Bunbury?

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  5. El Guisto says:

    Greek food business for sale….a local symptom of the Greek debt crisis. Must have paid themselves more for every meal sold than the price the price that was paid it.


  6. you'll get wet says:

    Great Asian dumplings. Hmmm.


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