little person lost

Well-spotted by Misspent_yoof: “Classic update from The Worst online today. Apparently Serco managed to lose a midget prisoner: ‘Hayward is about 70cm tall, with a slim build and light skin’.” Good work My – but I believe our diminutive friends are known as little people. westmidget

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19 Responses to little person lost

  1. Sir Bill International says:

    Shortarses are known to be trouble. Shortarses thru history : Hitler , Stalin , Putin. I rest my case.


  2. Don’t approach him, however if you trip over him by accident…


  3. Rong1 says:

    There’s a strange blob in the tread of my tyre …


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Last seen heading towards the St Kilda football club with a small jerry can and a box of matches.


  5. GivDBird says:

    Smirking midget porn stars. Can never trust ’em


  6. Bento says:

    This is why we need mandatory minimum sentences for gnome invasions.


  7. juantrak says:

    With a distinctive cross-eyed fizzog like that, plus a plaster cast on his right arm, and wearing prison greens, he’s a born loser at losing himself in a crowd, ain’t he?
    I bet they find him at his girlfriends place, too.

    I’m sure proof-readers were the first to be sacked when news moved across to the ‘net.


  8. Tinker Bell says:

    He was last seen hiding behind Tommy Lee’s cock.

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  9. Rolly says:

    …and all the while the measure is in imperial units, which presented a nigh impossible task for an air-headed twenty-something “reporter” to convert to metric.
    Anyway, it was only someone, eponymous, taking the Micky out of the prison system.


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