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massive loses

Wireless news in Teh West today. Did they mean “massive loosers”, or Massive Attack? Massive! Substantial! Big gains! Positive gains! Loosers. Also, Howie hates beards.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 14

Hurly-Burly. Booty call. Elinor Wrobel. Bad blood. The Ross Sisters. It’s a good day to die. If I had a Xmas tree (continued) … Neil Young, solo, in 1970. The album will be available on December 10, but you can … Continue reading

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Bad Riddance

Primo greypower rainmaker Howard “Teh Riddance” Sattler has taken up blogging for those who are interested (ie nobody). He’s aiming to unseat Wilson Tuckey as blogging king. I have to take issue already. Wasn’t your sacking “craptacular” rather than spectacular … Continue reading

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Liberals for Sattler

New editor Bento will be taking your submissions for his couple of weeks in charge, ( email  bento.bocz@gmail.com ) while Outrage and I are worsting up different parts of the world. Unlike China, I am expecting Doha, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi to have … Continue reading

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A little harsh?

Howard Sattler (rightly) received a lot of criticism when he remarked “Good riddance to bad rubbish” when juvenile car thieves were killed in a high speed crash. But is it going just a step too far to say “Good riddance” … Continue reading

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Barra non Grata – 6PR Radio

There’s someone in town who really doesn’t like 6PR Radio. I know that narrows it down to everyone less than 70 years of age, but this particular person often likes to vent their spray on this old corner shop on … Continue reading

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Burning Down the House

According to 6PR cockjock Howard “Good Riddance” Sattler, Perth pensioners are gnawing on dog bones in the dark these desperate days. If so, is it right that this tavern should have it’s heaters on with the doors wide open during … Continue reading

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