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Lower the Raise

You heard it. Raised Garden beds are played. Pete F saw the first one come out of Cottesloe . It’s ground level with feather footed Chooks if you don’t want to look like a knob. 

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Outrage Sunday 294 the munted wheelbarrow

I found this intensely enraging. Why not just say 18 new bays on the other side. I am just a simple jerbalist – maths is hard! – but this sign is wrong anyway. I bet that tuckpoint-rougher Bento would say … Continue reading

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A Life Lived

Pete F sees a life lived. And in the dunny is Cottesloe style. Isn’t that our life, all of us? A dunny in the beautiful land. A urinal in paradise?

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With all Pete F’s angst over sculpture by teh wet, at least he now has some 2D works to show. Is this the exit to the Batcave? Cottesloe. 

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An Fremantle 

Pete F is decries the ever expanding boundary and timeline of Sculpture by The Sea. Will it, like TWOP become essentially a worst without borders?

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Outrage Sunday 288 slow down

I found this deeply disappointing. Would it have killed Lego to have made this a gozleme van? “Cuban gozleme,” TLA said. “Even Lego pulled pork is played: Lego parklet next?” asked that wrist-bobber Bento. On the other hand, JK noted … Continue reading

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Art controversy divides effetes and wankers. 

My own art divided coffee sippers in Cottesloe this week. My rubber stamp picture had  coffee drinkers up in arms about how it disrespected shark attack victims. This is while they ordered cake and lattes at the same site. Featured … Continue reading

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