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Art controversy divides effetes and wankers. 

My own art divided coffee sippers in Cottesloe this week. My rubber stamp picture had  coffee drinkers up in arms about how it disrespected shark attack victims. This is while they ordered cake and lattes at the same site. Featured … Continue reading

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Tow it!

Reign of Error presents a true blue fucken tableau in Cottesloe. Ignore the kerning. It’s all just beautiful. 

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Stretching the Truth 

A Nissan Navarra Limo. Nissan. Navarro. Limo.  I thought I dreamt it. But it’s real alright. A car even the gods thought impossible. Cottesloe Beach. 

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Shark Victim

I was IN THE WATER when the shark alarm went off at Cottesloe yesterday. You never think it’s going to happen to you, but when it does, COOL!  I’ve always wanted to do it.  Meanwhile, another victim. Mark The Slightly … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 260 Rich Wanker

Hello poor people! I am sorry to say media standards worsen. Someone at Aunty can’t spell coverage! But we all make innocent mistakes. Do I ever make mistakes? Absoutely. I am not without quilt. Whoever put this up is quilty … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 259 Erewhon

My associate Mr Higgs and I were at large in Dianella, looking for earthly paradise, or at least a place that wasn’t a dystopia. I think Mr Higgs might have gone for the Hello Burger, but he wasn’t in his … Continue reading

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Cattle Class

Cottesloe sheeple. You are cattle. No amount of Stilton can disguise it. By Pete F.

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