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Outrage Sunday 302 Guildford

Enjoying the semi-rural vibrancy of our historic town before we are inundated with spew-splattered fries packaging. Nothing is more vibrant than a pussy parade!  Don’t even think of tying your bike up here. That shit’s for Subiaco. Good DAY, SIR … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 301 community vibe

There was an emergency Security Council TWOP meeting this week, in which the smelling salts were passed around, to discuss the news Kalamunda was transmogrifying into a city. “What if this had happened after the self-immolation of TWOP?” Bento asked … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 297 Outrage for Service

Don’t you just adore the new advertising strategy at teh Worst??!! Little ads between the incisive reports. This page was for Burswood Crown Casino. Evil 8 member? Have a pint and a fist-pump! Muslim MP? Pork buffet! This will stop … Continue reading

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browesing with Bento

Sticking with the emerging theme of Maylands drunkards, Budda Lala Land sends this superb bit of Cash Twon-esque signwriting. Were the B, W and S already there, and they had to make the other letters fit? I wish the Heritage … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 48 bidet you adieu

What a wonderful week! My birthday, PROSH, The West bails from the Press Council, April Fools, Oettinger at $40 for 24 half-litre cans, and the anniversary of when we killed Jebus! It really is a wonderful world. On one of … Continue reading

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This back yard was full of empties this morning. I love the goon bag, lonely in a sea of tinnies. My sources reveal the students who rent this western suburbs house always alert the neighbours about their events. The kids … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as Free Tofu

SOAK: Sir! This beer has the taste of a kitchen sponge, the nutritional value of a lentil enema, the alcohol content of a fart in a bottle and the texture – er also very much like a kitchen sponge. I … Continue reading

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