massive loses

Wireless news in Teh West today. Did they mean “massive loosers”, or Massive Attack? Massive! Substantial! Big gains! Positive gains! Loosers. Also, Howie hates beards.massiveloses

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10 Responses to massive loses

  1. So 6Pr. Massive gains translates as, “piss weak gains”?


  2. bonez56 says:

    So.. triple J’s audience has swung over to 6PRacist? Surely they aren’t listening to Mix 94.5, they’re too young for that.


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    The only people who admit to listening to Triple J are middle-aged cunts who mistakenly think it makes them sound cool. I gave it away when they had that bung eyed guy doing breakfast who has been recycled to Radio National or something. Doesn’t anyone ever leave the ALPBC? (except Dad of course)


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