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I eat Jew

By Bento. East Perth. Anti semitism feels a bit old hat these days. The kids are all hating muslims and smokers now aren’t they? I wonder what happened to old Jew Burner btw? Transport didn’t respond to my query. Lisa … Continue reading

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No Entry

Can happen. Can totally happen. By Peter K. Hay Street East Perth. Nice picture. Kind of Kubrik 2001.

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Snoop Ute

Joel,  doesn’t believe “Snoop would be caught dead in a car with wack rims like that.” East Perth. It’s like he’s Snooping all over Tupac’s grave with that motherfucker. I think Snoop’s coming to Perth isn’t he. Not if he sees … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Pea

I’m juxtaposing again, but to be fair, they juxtapose themselves by both being in East Perth. Biohazard by Matt A. Royalty by Buddha Lala Land. The tiara car is incongruously in the carpark of this place. By the way, can … Continue reading

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Do the Maths

By Jaidyn-Jaxxon. Casey’s, Edward Street East Perth. It’s not a dentist by the way. Nice flying apostrophe too. Insouciant almost. Like it’s saying, technically we know we don’t really need one same as Harrods… but yeah. Totally. Like the recent … Continue reading

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About your sign

By Orbea. The whole scene has a nice Jeffrey Smart feel to it too. Look I should really have left in the company name and phone number, but I gave them some pity credit for the flowers. – But you … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 159

John S saw two tales of Edward Street.Bento saw some heritage cock, with testicles in the form of an artist’s pallette it seems. It was painted straight over. This building, the old hatchery castle thing on Guildford Road, used to … Continue reading

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Render unto the duck

I thought I better record this, Pompeiist mural across from KGB Headquarters and not far from the vanished Barra monument before it is lost to that censoring concrete render. I seem to remember that there was some kind of anti … Continue reading

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There is no London

East Perth. By me for a change.

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We also…

What is the other mysterious service you offer EPMVC? Would it be leeches, trepanning, crystal proctology? The owl also wants to rap about Mobil apparently. From Craig M.

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