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Love. Hate. Purchase.

TLA is wintering in the TWOP dacha in Camillo, and is now quite literally phoning it in.  Did he expect me to prepare this post whne I’m 6 bourbons deep? Did he fuck.  Or maybe he did, in the same … Continue reading

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Royalties for Metrosexuals

I’m sure they’ll announce the subsidy refunds shortly. Won’t they?

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The cow has left the barnyard.  I repeat, the cow has left the barnyard.  FIVE-O!  FIVE-O! I’m just going to say that this is Old Perth Road, Bassendean, and let you guys have at it.  Sub judice, schnub judice. By … Continue reading

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Wildlife crossing

I’ve got nothing to add to this.  It is just too perfect. Pete F, I salute you.  Jandakot.

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White with one

Just ponder this for a minute, while you sip your latte. Fremantle.  By BF.

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Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel – Final Report (executive summary)

Castrilli spent 4 years pussyfooting around local government reform. What does Tony Simpson do? March into the Cap S bogs, and inform those western suburbs blue bloods that he’s going to fuck their bitches and burn their motherfucking houses to … Continue reading

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Mandurah fresh

Mandurah!?  Sure, and I’ll get my eggs from Darch, sourdough from Camillo, and wilted spinach from Jindalee while I’m at it. Even more astonishing than a piggery in Crabtown, is a bus, in Nedlands!  The communists have won.  There’ll be … Continue reading

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Nanny state

Bureacracy gone mad.  And not so much as an apology for the inconvenience. Canberra.  Typical.  By The Juvenile.

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I can’t think of a better signifier of Perth’s burgeoning acceptance of different walks of life.  Whatever makes you happy, people.  Heartwarming. By Misspent Yoof.  East Perth.

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Hallmark holiday

On what possible occasion would you give someone this card? Congratulations on your extra-marital affair! One of mine. Mount Lawley.

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