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Spelling Police

By WGG. Remember, also a ShiTzu Poodle cross is a Shit-Doodle, not a Poo-Zu.And cash? Are we in Kalamunda? No Morley.

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Well are youse?

Although this has more of a Kalgoorlie Cup feel. BY WGG. Mt. Hawthorn. Or Hawthorne.

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A haunting scene from the western suburbs by WGG.

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Things are simple in the country. Particularly the people. It’s more rutting than romance. By WGG. Never been to Boranup, but have met many country R Soles.

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Eat this

And this was on a cold day too. By WGG, Melville.

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White Willies Rule

First willy and white supremacy claim of the year. East Perth. By WGG.

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