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Echo Chamber

Two art pieces fight it out in Maylands’ bustling 8th Avenue. The ironic public phone and the tongue in cheek Jesus Jockey. Get a room dudes.  In any case it’s all a barely suppressed up yours to stagnant Bayswater next … Continue reading

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I brake for Jesus

Some cautionary perhaps contradictory Jesusing as seen by Pete F.

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Outrage Sunday 274 meat market

Imagine being so famous you have to wear Post-It notes. So rich your employer has a stationery cupboard the size of Howard Sattler’s woggle. That is happening. 6PR “Commercial Director, Barrie Quick said ‘We are pleased to be launching into … Continue reading

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The Cheese remelted after 3 days.

Chris D was outraged by this sight at a Belmont swap meet. Would Jesus Lazarus the cheese in an abandoned toastie? In Belmont? Cheese never comes back.  

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Outrage Sunday 210 you rock 

I know JJ will love this. I love it too: I always knew these western suburbs bays were god’s country.        This wasn’t so rocking. WWF is making a grave error: I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows … Continue reading

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The Unsaved

Six years later, the Jesus saves dinosaur Internet cafe is still sad and vacant. Just the outline of the cross remains. I notice that beard barbering shops are closing in nearby. Pray.

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Tenuous at best.  Why do Jesus lovers persist in trying to bring the funny, when clearly this isn’t working?  Why don’t they stick to spouting mumbo-jumbo, hating gays, fiddling with children and tax avoision?  Do they really need to diversify … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 33 God’s shuttlecock

A week to go: as prayers are affected by the wind, competitive worship is done indoors. Is Santa a Fantapants? Would he die for me, and can he do a vertical jump smash? We’ll never know. Mt Lawley? Maylands? Opposite … Continue reading

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On Water

Also seen in Witchcliffe.

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Moral Uplift

Two morally uplifting or spritually downdraughting submissions depending on your point of view. Cookster, aka Cockster, aka Spamster, (dude we love you, but we are going to have to seriously intervene on your arse over your PR spam torrent) found … Continue reading

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