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Home Devilry

Remember at the beginning of things here, when The West was shithouse and it seemed important to say so? Now Slanderer sees this pitiful bid. Where now only the paper boys/girls are winners. Certainly not the publishers. Or the readers, … Continue reading

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So socialism has even infected the buying of Mazdas? I have said previously that I haven’t bought the Sunday Times since the short sighted pricks axed Bennett’s Beat and the Timespool. But this…is…something…else. By Andrew D.

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Dead Worlds

Alasdair manages to show three dead worlds. Pay phones, books and…Mandurah. And did anyone see that The West has stopped delivering the paper to some country regions! Fucking Outrage! How will they find out about the Rudd Gillard government from … Continue reading

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Rivers of Gold

Paid parking begins at stations tomorrow. I don’t entirely disagree with the concept. Walk to the station you lazy pricks. The $2 coins will be rolling in. Speaking of rivers of gold, there’s a new afternoon paper literally mooted for … Continue reading

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I Love Nurry

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In the heat of the bong

Skink sent me this a while ago, but I hadn’t really appreciated the pure worstness. Margaret River cops, fresh from confiscating orange juice bottle bongs from unwashed ferals are to be travelling to CIA headquarters to learn learn to go … Continue reading

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I assume there is an autojuxtapose program at WAtoday. By Darren T.

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Bar Nukem

When worsts collide is another title that could be considered as TWOP elite David Fucking Outrage Cohen interviews Councillor Matt “Duke Nukem” Buckels in a Worst saturated newspaper The Sunday Times about a project on the Beaufort Street Arrondisement professionally … Continue reading

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Secret Piss Business

Jordache saw this in The Sunday Times. She sez… I just finished reading an article in STM (why I torment myself this way is another subject entirely) about the “forgotten children” of Australia who were taken from their parents and … Continue reading

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West of the funny

Chris found this link to be the funniest he had seen for a long time. Funnier even than donkeys rooting Mason jars. Kerry Stokes apparently with a straight face claims that The West may charge for online content. Today they … Continue reading

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