Two more pieces of history from from my film negative vault. Firstly this is the one time site of one of those ultra crappy 80s Perth nightclubs on fire. I can’t remember what it was called originally. Eagle Bum? Penisocchios? (Puke) Musos Club? Knob Gobblers? Not sure of the date of this. End of last century sometime. And earlier still, (1987?) I found another shot of the Firm crowd, where some dude actually does have a beret on. And if you want to see some not worst, here’s a shot I took in St Mark’s Square Venice 1997. Hadn’t even proofed it before. I staggered out of Harry’s Bar around  midnight, apparently and implausibly clutching a ridiculous 1960s twin lens medium format camera. My first words on seeing the scan were, “Shit, that’s pretty fucken good!”

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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79 Responses to Clubbing

  1. And has one guy got some kind of a bush hat complete withstring? In a nightclub? Why?


  2. possibly combined with a sister of mercy shirt?


  3. Grrr says:

    Would that house that appears to be burning down be was was DV8 (the backside of DV8) aka Reactor aka …. no idea? It’s the only club I can recall burning down.


  4. Bento says:

    Is the VB being consumed ironically?


  5. Michelle says:

    This has to be the Fur Version’s playing at The Loft. The giveaway is the tamborine. This would have have been about 1990 and that looks like Ian Chatter on drums.


  6. Some dude? That’s the famous Jasper Silver from Psychodrama!


  7. Kwality. says:

    Club Rumours – but it had been abandoned and vacant for a long time before the fire. The building was close to 100 years old – all jarrah beams and floors. Well seasoned. All the fire brigade could do was to stop it spreading to neighbouring buildings.

    We watched until the walls fell in.


  8. Warriortom says:

    Nice bit of goth arse there. I bet she’d suck my cock.


  9. The Legend 101 says:

    Why are all the Nightclubs in Perth located in Northbridge?


  10. WarriorTom says:

    I see that there were 69 comments before this one… fnnarr fnnarr. I bet the guy in the beret would suck my cock. After all, isn’t that what berets are meant to signify?


  11. KARLOS says:



  12. Dave says:

    Yes Lazy Aussie, that’s only ever been the one club at that locstat but I think he probably means the one across the other side of the esplanade and down a bit. Can’t remember its name right now but hey it’s now part of HRH Quay! Check out the girl on the left in the pic with the 750mt can of (I am sure) Fosters. Used to drink those at the uni tav in the mid eighties!


  13. MR-C says:

    anabella’s was the night club opposite the weld club. DJ Spinner and DJ Birdie’s first gig. Later it became a drop in centre and before Barnett got hold of it , it was an Asian restraunt. Go the cintronics mixer twin technics SL1200’s and light up dance floor. lol


  14. Anonymous says:

    Only 60s club I remember burning down was Firecracker which was in the west end of Murray street.


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