aggressive crabs

Media mayhem moments this morning. A colleague noted this report about crabs at Mosman Park: alas, it was in an eastern suburbs paper (called the Eastern Suburbs Reporter). The sub-heading is intriguing. Does CA stand for Crabs Aggressive? “I should have been a pair of ragged claws/Standfirsting across the floors of silent seas”…it doesn’t quite have the ring, does it?

Far simpler is this contribution from that notorious rainmaker ‘Butt Cheek’ Bento. “I’m not sure why they felt a photograph was necessary to accompany this story,” he says. That is one aggressively hairy butt cheek.

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12 Responses to aggressive crabs

  1. skink says:

    I rather hoped C.A Standfirst was the journo’s byline
    photo by I.M. Righthere
    edited by W.C. Loiterer

    call that a hairy buttock? puff.

    they don’t like it up ’em. RIP Clive Dunn


  2. skink says:

    it’s New News, as distinct from the West Australian, which is news you read three days ago on the Internet.


  3. pete says:

    If the size of the buttock is anything to go by, I suspect the bike was going for a murder suicide.


  4. orbea says:

    Subi Post use TWOP for media watch sniping, eastern suburbs have crabs


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