Outrage Sunday 87 green kordial

Krazy Kym saw a new line in Linda McCartney pies last night. They made me uncomfortable. Could you eat a dead woman’s pies? I’ve never been able to buy Paul Newman’s sauce since he carked it. Simon Johnson is still alive and well, as far as I know, but his packaging makes me feel a little queasy.

simon1simon2It’s all…wet stuff. If any TWOPers can help with the intent of this Floreat kitchen sign I’d be grateful.

wetstuffGreen wet stuff, too. Whatever happened to Flavor Aid green cordial? Can you still get it? After an evening at the Garden City building site, chucking rubbish at kids from Applecross SHS, there was nothing more refreshing to a Brentwood bogan than a tall glass of lime cordial.


Enough wittering: I may not be able to post next week, as I’ll be at a vital event about public health…

“Imagine a place where the state mass medicates the population with a scientifically proven toxin that itself is a freely acknowledged waste product of heavy industry. This mass medication takes place irrespective of citizens health needs, is arbitrary in its administration, and is enforced without any democratic consensus or independent scrutiny. In addition this mass medication costs taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year, and yet 99.99% of its output never hits its intended target. Welcome to Western Australia in 2012. After over 40 years of unquestioning acquiescence to to this illogical dogma it is time for WA’s citizens to take back ownership of our most precious resource – our water supply.”

I encourage TWoPers to sink their teeth into this one. Don’t you all realise Mrs Marsh was just a useful idiot? See you at the Fluoride Free WA talk at the State Library next Sunday, 2pm-4pm.

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25 Responses to Outrage Sunday 87 green kordial

  1. janezee says:

    That Simon Johnson stuff is the shiz. Not worst. Or Perth either really


    • rottobloggo says:

      What’s that? Even better than Maggie Beer, you allege??


      • Bento says:

        Needs more verjuice.

        I never could pass up free fluoride. I’m in.


      • janezee says:

        I haven’t seen Maggie Beer ones. The SJ ones are really good, crap all over all known SOR Thai takeaway anyway. Now there’s a worst: green curry so called because it contains… green food colouring.

        Made in Thailand, doubt SJ got his hands dirty at any point in the process.


  2. Simon Johnson pack looks like a Gaviscon ad. Or Metamucil.


  3. orbea says:

    anti-fluoride nutters? i’m in


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