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BSWAM’s West 35th Street

A Bartender’s skills with a Manhattes returns.  West 35th Street. Soon all of New York not a historic district will look like this. Historic shopfront. Note inventive window treatment. Look, as long as you flush.  Tasteful signage. ( A New … Continue reading

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Amenia New York

In the now traditional fashion of treating the whole planet in terms of being environs -albeit distant of Perth, BSWAM presents Amenia NY. Once again I’m not entirely certain if BSWAM understands what worst is vis a vis here. Amenia … Continue reading

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Good Will Hunting

I love this. Why can’t all small businesses sack their Madison Avenue advertisers and simply call Will? I hope that’s a pie bag. If Will wants to make a small promotion of his electrical skills and allow me to display … Continue reading

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Some More New York

BSWAM sent me these which I have been remiss in not posting. Time for some New York vibrancy. BSWAM says… The horrendous Marriot Marquis Hotel, one of the city’s most hated buildings since 1983, when it replaced the Helen Hayes … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 159 desperate marketing

One always enjoys the Desperate Marketing column in Private Eye. There’s a bit of it about: how about this HBF ad in yesterday’s Worst for jumping on the caboose? Outrage HQ’s rates notice from Swan council is in. Are there … Continue reading

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BSWAM, took in a town wide garage sale just for us. Tivoli, New York. BSWAM says, Greetings! The quaint village of Tivoli, NY, pictured here on the banks of the upper mid-Hudson, has an annual town-wide garage sale every year. … Continue reading

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New York Sublime & Bitches

Is everyone sick of the plight of Maylands? BSWAM Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten sends a poignant New York subway song in two parts. For a moment we can feel that Noo Yoik could be Maylands.

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Nyack NY Part 2

Bartenders Skills with a Manhatten continues his treatment of Nyack New York. But first here’s a shot from part one where BSWAM documents the moment when brutalism hit Nyack, and after it, a shot I took of the Curtin University … Continue reading

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Nyack NY Part One

BSWAM sends a wide ranging appraisal of Nyack New York. Today we visit the historic city of Nyack, settled in 1707, in Rockland County, “The Pearl of the Hudson”!  Split up into North Nyack (the aristocratic Gatsby-looking bits); South Nyack … Continue reading

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Burswood glamour

It was established some time ago that some forms of expression are what my Communication and Culture 102 lecturer referred to as ‘historically and culturally specific’. Let’s add extreme sitting to that list, shall we? First, we have New York … Continue reading

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