Burswood glamour

It was established some time ago that some forms of expression are what my Communication and Culture 102 lecturer referred to as ‘historically and culturally specific’.

Let’s add extreme sitting to that list, shall we? First, we have New York style:


Hackneyed, trite, and just so predictable. Vastly superior in almost every way, however, is Perth style:


Are you paying attention, Bartender’s Skills With a Manhatten? This is glamour, done right. Relentless blue sky, Cocos (or Date, or Cotton, or Majestic – I don’t fucking know), pre-1997 telco monopole with maximum impact headframe, boozies, aircon box on top of brick cube, and a registered lawn. Skink did but see her passing by, and yet … he went back and braved the Burswood badlands to bring us this masterpiece.

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5 Responses to Burswood glamour

  1. rottobloggo says:

    Sheesh: when people complained about my posts, they had a name to refer to.


  2. Gazza the plumber says:

    That was before the politically inapporpiates set in, never mind that half of them fell to their deaths they was happy all the way down.


  3. BSWAM says:

    I never thought of checking out the Overlook Hotel, as I heard various negative things about the elevators and bathrooms, but still I had always assumed it was (1.) in Colorado and (2.) a rather grander affair.


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