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Emergency in the Western Suburbs

Pete F was at a girls’ school in the Western Suburbs when vital emergency supplies arrived for the staff room. It was mush, mush, mush, all the way. Like Ice Road Truckers but with wine. 

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Outrage Sunday 192 more please

They always want more. They never have enough milk or money or socks or sex or holidays or first editions or solitude or gramophone records or free meals or real friends or guiltless pleasure or neckties or applause or unquestioning … Continue reading

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The Essence of Shopping

Galleria Morley. By Hugh Jass. This is how I shop at Galleria, although I would probably go a red Howling Wolves.

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browesing with Bento

Sticking with the emerging theme of Maylands drunkards, Budda Lala Land sends this superb bit of Cash Twon-esque signwriting. Were the B, W and S already there, and they had to make the other letters fit? I wish the Heritage … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 25 induce this

The delicious distinction about Teh Worst is also worst. (Update: The Stoned Ranger points out The Echo is hiring). Speaking of distinctions, I’ve only received trivial death threats. I trust TL101 can tell us who Selena Gomez is. I have … Continue reading

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