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Sad Seal

Tullio saw this on the glacially slow Hobart Airport carousel. No doubt off to Dark Mofo to be beheaded by masked figures and fed to Hyenas in front of a wall of C&B. 

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Your own private parklet

Tullio reports – and even I find it hard to believe, that Applecross residents are installing palette parklets IN THEIR OWN GARDENS! This is why I’m withdrawing from society. There even may be fake lawn. It brings to mind Melbourne’s … Continue reading

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Patterson’s Curse 

A warning to shoppers by Tullio. Location unspecified. 

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Tullio asserts – with good reason that Murdoch’s Bush Court should be renamed. Any suggestions? 

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I was just resetting the breakers! Sheesh. True story. Murdoch Uni. By Tullio.

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Club Murdoch, Murdoch University. Of course. By Tullio.      

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The Push

Classic piece of Fremantle laminate by Tullio. The red, the underlining, the triple !!!  Probably could do with two or three different fonts though. Look, South Terrace Piazza, vomiting in the bin is a RIGHT not a privalage, (sic). The … Continue reading

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Le zig zag

In France, Tullio sees that they are going for less vibrancy. Seriously, if you can’t urinate in “mode zigzag”, then the (Algerian) terrorists have won. Inadvisedly the sign has not been laminated. Tullio claims to have zig zagged it back … Continue reading

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