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The Buddha of Bindoon

Skink sends in one of the best for a while. Chittering Valley actually but close enough. What a wonderful scene. A classic TWOP. Not worst. Sensational. 

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Charrettes I’ve had a few…

Skink notes that Beaufort Street continues its descent into self parody, with the “Design Charette”. Charette being Parisian slang for prominent buttocks, literally “Small cart or chariot that follows behind.” Appropriate for The Arrondissement I guess. Many worst elements. involved, … Continue reading

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A Japanese restaurant has a Royalty card? I don’t want to believe they ordered this on the phone. It would just be too much “me no rikey”. I just think they are planking us. I mean pranking. B Skink. Mt … Continue reading

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Burswood glamour

It was established some time ago that some forms of expression are what my Communication and Culture 102 lecturer referred to as ‘historically and culturally specific’. Let’s add extreme sitting to that list, shall we? First, we have New York … Continue reading

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In the heat of the bong

Skink sent me this a while ago, but I hadn’t really appreciated the pure worstness. Margaret River cops, fresh from confiscating orange juice bottle bongs from unwashed ferals are to be travelling to CIA headquarters to learn learn to go … Continue reading

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Turds on sticks

Skink presents Belmont’s turds on sticks. There needs to be a new scale for public art. Would we be better or worse off if it wasn’t there? A scale out of ten. I say that it is even. The value … Continue reading

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Public Art Alert

I’ve been riding past this for weeks to and from work, waiting for a submission. Skink (aka the Cambridge Stink) comes through with the goods. Another laser cut piece?  Really? That it’s neither good nor bad is its worst aspect. … Continue reading

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