The Tunnel Nightclub

Joel T. asks about this place, in light of all the nightclub nostalgia lately. I think we have had the building in before, (maybe) although I can’t remember if the mystery of it being a gay nightclub has been discussed -I’m assuming that tunnel like toolbox would be… In any case, the building itself has been all horrorshow on my psyche, as it used to be Midland Reception Centre, a place where I recorded many hideous Italian wedding receptions in the 1980s. I hope that like Jesus on this day, it dies and never rises. 

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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25 Responses to The Tunnel Nightclub

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    The Tunnel Nightclub is now a social club for second generation Italo-Australians known as The Pizzabar club. The Midlasnd Reception Centre is still in operation but by the Parisi Family the brother in law of Charlie Zinni who gave up his share of the business. And yes they did give the happy couple a small gift – usually something bought from Coles :-)


    • So it’s not the upstairs space?


      • Les Cooper says:

        yes it is. but there’s two rooms upstairs.

        the tunnel was entered via a staircase and door on the very left of the building ( behind those pots and pans, rofl ) and the reception centre via the door and staircase on the very right.


        • That staircase aaargh! Having to drag an extension cord down there to get the bride and groom leaving, tripping up shiny hordes of Italians. In the end had to get it through the window, scorching the curtains with the 800watt light in the process.


  2. Oh look, it’s the Mars bar under the passenger seat. Ugh, Midland. The very concept of a revitalised Midland is an abomination, it should be left to crawl beneath the overpass and die. As it doubtless will, not with the cataclysmic eruption it deserves but with a pathetic whimper of barren studio and shedist fixture. Gross.


  3. Les Cooper says:

    the tunnel aka obiwans, aka regines, aka db’s has never been a gay club. for the record – there is no homosexuality in midland.

    and sadly for your psyche – the midland reception centre, it’s still trading.

    jesus is dead. happy crucifixion day.


  4. The Legend 101 says:

    Happy Good Friday Everyone!


  5. janezee says:

    Unrelated but I was happy to see that VM(?) Elovalis is still in business, or still not in business, performing, or possibly not, unspecified hi fi services from the increasingly decrepit premises in Brisbane St. Not much of the old crappy Highgate survives – the northbridge hotel just down the street is unrecognisable from the friendly dive it used to be.


  6. Lou says:

    I knew Regine’s very well indeed. Not a gay club in the 80’s that for SURE!


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