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Outrage Sunday 222 the price of fame

That’s easy for this whyteboard in Shenton Park to say. Free to do what? Free of what? ‘Grants me years of sickness and fever/make me sleepless for months at a time./Take away my child and my lover/and the mysterious gift … Continue reading

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Erasing Memory

Ahem, Lisa Scaffidi, She-Ra Princess of Power, long may you reign etc…What has happened to the plaque announcing the opening of the Cultural Centre by Brian Burke? Clearly seen here seven or eight years ago? If it is being “culturally … Continue reading

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Executive Committee

A meeting of the executive committee for “Keeping Perth Walls Blank.” A branch of the Illuminati.

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The streets of this paradise are paved with swans…

Simon G. saw these WA 150th paving slabs, removed presumably during the city development upheaval, sitting behind wire mesh at the City’s Osborne Park depot. She -Ra says that they wil definitely be reused, although I’m not sure if she … Continue reading

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The Bourne Legacy

I suppose there’s no need to keep holding this willy after this morning. Different artist though I think. I guess once you’ve done one then what’s the difference? The difference between zero and one is the important number. Doodles seem … Continue reading

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I eat Jew

By Bento. East Perth. Anti semitism feels a bit old hat these days. The kids are all hating muslims and smokers now aren’t they? I wonder what happened to old Jew Burner btw? Transport didn’t respond to my query. Lisa … Continue reading

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Goon Saloon

I’m sure that sociologists of the future (aka FC’s) will see this blog as covering a critical turning point in this city, where Perth started changing from widely regarded architectural, cultural,  journalistic, fashion and graffiti joke, to an actual mature … Continue reading

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On the banks of the Bofo

Commenter Rob F asks why no Bofo action? Well, as I explained, I didn’t go, because I went to Fremantle to buy fixer to facilitate my magnificent return to film photography. I was offered a chance to “get something signed … Continue reading

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Hold the front page, we’ve got nothing!

Stop the presses, we’ve got someone who didn’t see anything!. Jeezus, I did say I wasn’t going to do any more West Stories, but come one, two dishonest loads of bollocks on the front page of Saturday’s West was too … Continue reading

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