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As soon as the Brian Burke influence is removed from the Cultural Centre, standards begin to fall. The Burkean bulkhead against homophobic art critics has to be restored! The authorities have still not answered my questions about where the plaque … Continue reading

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Erasing Memory

Ahem, Lisa Scaffidi, She-Ra Princess of Power, long may you reign etc…What has happened to the plaque announcing the opening of the Cultural Centre by Brian Burke? Clearly seen here seven or eight years ago? If it is being “culturally … Continue reading

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Desserts of The Gods

Since the Food of The Gods was so popular, and I didn’t have space for all the culinary offerings of Perth’s B listers, I thought I better have another post with the desserts of the gods circa 1980. Sir Richard … Continue reading

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I know a bloke…

…who might get you that value meal. Cookster has really come through with this one. Brian Burke behind a McDonalds counter for charity back when he had hair and a shake was only 65 cents. Even though it’s Maccas, I’m … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 18

Since it’s politics this week, here’s a worst from David Cohen, showing Carmen Lawrence helping launch the Brian Burke biography at Black Tom’s. Don’t forget to add your election 08 worsts HERE. And did anyone note the passing of a … Continue reading

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Cultural Cringe vs Fed Square

Worst Architecture How about a comparison between Perth’s embarrassing “Cultural Centre” in Northbridge and its sort of Melbourne equivalent, the truly awful Federation Square. As bad as Melbourne’s Fed Square is, it would actually work quite well in Perth. Melbournians … Continue reading

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The Tired Serb

Worst Architecture I don’t know if there is more than one Serbian Orthodox retirement home in Perth, but if there’s not, then this is the worst. The “Mother In Law Tongues” licking at the bottom, (if I can put it … Continue reading

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