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If the bafflingly incompetent Tony Abbot is getting spilled federally, isn’t it time that state Labor finally did the same, and sent Mark McGowan, aka the Slightly Damp Tea Towel to the washing basket? It was said to me, that, … Continue reading

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Upskirt and No-Standing – A Perthonality Sits. Mother in law tongues writhing like a prostitute’s Up Tiger Woods’ back door. Pete F attempts some paparazzi blowback.

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Rivers of Gold

Paid parking begins at stations tomorrow. I don’t entirely disagree with the concept. Walk to the station you lazy pricks. The $2 coins will be rolling in. Speaking of rivers of gold, there’s a new afternoon paper literally mooted for … Continue reading

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Bizarro World

If this had been Teh “Ling aka The Stirling Arms, Perth’s Kiwi Pub, you could understand this, but at the Captain StirLING in Nedlands? Whoa! This sheep rooting tableau just blows the mind. They are knobbing sheep? In the Western … Continue reading

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Nobody goes deeper

Burger D shows that the Midwest Times out front pages The West. How deep? I also like “Wear Wool Wednesday,”. Can’t wait for Subsidy Sunday.

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I hope Outrage wasn’t on headline duty at The Subiaco Post this day, although there were insinuations that Lloyd was a closet quilter weren’t there?

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Two Letters to the editor

Maybe it is Nurry time again? It’s never Scourfield time. Sirs, With the high dollar making overseas travel more affordable, the unfortunate consequence is that local tourism suffers. Can I suggest that Stephen Scourfield be sponsored by WA tourism to stifle international … Continue reading

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Allen Park

By Vegan. Allen Park, home of Perth’s worst journalist Paul Murray. But despite Murray’s arse numbing prose, true love still finds a way. 

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People’s Editor

The West has decided to pull out of the Press Council, citing fears that some government funding made its independance suspect. They have therefore set up their own complaints department – There. Much more idependent. Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jim … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 194

Mancey was happy to see another state of excitement 120Y. Tangerine dream baby on the Bussel Highway. Now THAT I’d subsidise. Nudbot has just moved back to Perth from Melbourne – to live in Rockingham actually (the McGowan musky lure) and was … Continue reading

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