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Yes. By Slanderer.    

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Lady’s Stubbie Holders

Stubbie holders. Another one like registered lawns to puzzle the outside reader. I wonder what they are called in Manhattes, if they even exist. This is in Busselton, where I am quite sure ladies were replaced by moles (and their … Continue reading

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Assortment of rocks

Another Purple Wyrm classic. A laminotard from the Bayswater precinct. Anteck cerment.And by the way, please visit fellow worster in New Zealand, ie Ugly New Zealand. Some materpieces, such as this. AND THIS!

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Gin like no one knows you’re distilling

Two more things from Margaret River. In our accommodation, fake broken plates, as if they had come from the Sutton Hoo barrow and had to be pieced back together. The other one had something about “Love her like she is … Continue reading

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Stuffed, Burnt & Reported

“Our passion are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt  out, a new one rises from its ashes.” Goethe. And the same can be said for scooters. As Goethe also said, a grown man riding a scooter, is … Continue reading

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Pour pussy to drink, drink to forget

Really just to get that hideous crackpot paper off the front page, (people are actually reading it), here’s a taste of Fremantle pussy I saw on Sunday. And speaking of Fremantle, a picture of Carmen Lawrence I took at a … Continue reading

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Condor & The Scotsman

I haven’t posted this before, because my shot from the bus window was tres blurry. I have been meaning to go back  to bolster the category “Shithouse doors.” But Martin makes such a strong case for its worstness, that I … Continue reading

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Bring me the head (and skin) of Matthew Newton

Lots of great submissions this week. Enough to squander two good ones on one post. Meccano encountered a trailer full of animal skins in Orrong Rd. Where else? (In fact the car was full of skins too.) We have bears? … Continue reading

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