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Outrage Sunday 291 so huge

“I’m only speeding because I need a poo!” They have a vehicle for everything at RPH. What are you doing to mark the 401st anniversary of the Bard’s demise? Writing a scurrilous ballad about some aspect of WA, I hope. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 204 the commercialisation of spruut

I think this was the first time spruuut reared its head on TWOP. A timely reminder after Bento shares his retail fetish. Sprutt a product? Why not, when Nirvana is lift music and there’s a small bar called Judgement at … Continue reading

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Verge Vibrancy

For out of towners, Perth has this moronic system of verge pickups, where the local council will pick up discarded fatback tvs and broken furniture on a specific date. This means that people litter the roadway with crap for months … Continue reading

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The streets of this paradise are paved with swans…

Simon G. saw these WA 150th paving slabs, removed presumably during the city development upheaval, sitting behind wire mesh at the City’s Osborne Park depot. She -Ra says that they wil definitely be reused, although I’m not sure if she … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 50 yum

Delicious, and available in Shenton Park, Subiaco, Maylands. Bustling location on the lips, says WAToady. The bustle is to be embiggened, which has made for some slight tenseness. Nom nom: this puts the lid in Lido, no? Who doesn’t love … Continue reading

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Brilliant, you’re here!

By Turf. Success. A new millenium version of the shot below by Vic Demised from way back in 2008. Have we really evolved so much? Given, the implied “…Cunt” from the 2008 version is gone, but…I can’t help feeling we’ve gone … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 46 lonely and hard

Jebus raised his sunnies and asked her, “Yo, woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” Every pen-sucking gerbalist takes The Australian on Monday, for the Media supplement. I had to write to the editor last week after being … Continue reading

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Lucky Star apologies for the poor image quality in this chicen Twistees shot: no need. She captured it at the Karrinyup Rd/Main St lights in Osborne Park: I love the misty, ghostly, chiceny quality. And Brer ‘Flipflop’ Bento got his … Continue reading

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Beds Eleven

“My God! What have I done?” – Master bedmaker. Marble backing. Nice. From Cobbler. Another from Osborne Park.

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