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Fur crying out loud

Snuff sending through some last worsts. If you’re holding on to anything good, you still have time to send it. Magnificent hats. 

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Strictly speaking these “blown” undies should be on the footpath with an empty goon bag, but I’ll allow it. Wait, is that a hand stitched gusset????

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Wonder Girl 

These still fit me, but will sell for 55c or near offer.  

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I won’t survive

Despite the assertion of this piece of clothing, Pete F. believes that its presence in a Good Sammy shows it to be a lie. They dead. Why didn’t they get buried in it?

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Smart Casual

I’m past caring about WA fashion faux pas. Smart casual. Whatever. Business wear totes and Teh. By Sarah F. Carousel.   

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One more blowout

I looked for the undies (and feces). But just the shoe. Beaufort Street.  

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Obviously a murder hole…

Or possibly genuine swimwear sale. In the middle of…winter. In North Perth. In a disused Servo.  Sounds legit. By…wait, what is he called now? Jaidyn Jaxxon?  

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Brownsville Vibrant

WGG notes that the Jetstar website hasn’t caught up with how Perth has totally envibranned in the last few years. Orbea has the evidence. True story.

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Match and Sniff

Not even Fremantle. It’s Mt Lawley, right on the Arrondissement. You can buy them singly if you just want to sniff the pheromones and I have one mounted on the 10 speed as a bicycle seat, or as a pair.

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It’s free

It’s free alright. Spotlight Midland, by Imogen C. See Freo, you have to retain some of the mystery, and Cannington, maybe if you just showed half of it (ie the left half), you could still be classy. Otherwise put it … Continue reading

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