The streets of this paradise are paved with swans…

Simon G. saw these WA 150th paving slabs, removed presumably during the city development upheaval, sitting behind wire mesh at the City’s Osborne Park depot. She -Ra says that they wil definitely be reused, although I’m not sure if she meant these, or the ones with the historical B Listers inlaid into them in bronze. In any case, I would kill for one of either kind. Of the bronze I would ike “Some Dude – Wheat Farmer”. BTW I am assuming Lisa She-Ra Scaffidi Princess of Power will soon be Lord Mayor of the universe – if The LM of Lagos doesn’t snatch it. I hope you’ve voted. Remember, you could have got Max Kaye.

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45 Responses to The streets of this paradise are paved with swans…

  1. pete says:

    Maybe they could use them in the construction of Upper Swan Land.


  2. or Max Kaye in a dress. As he would say ,” Is it because I is a wimmyn ?”


  3. orbea says:

    ever had a conversation with Cr Elizabeth Re of City of Stirling? Alf Garnett would blush


  4. skink says:

    New videos released to teach Perth drivers how to merge in traffic and how to use roundabouts:

    “How do we get something so simple so wrong?” says the RAC

    you might say the same thing about making beer and reading the news.

    next we can expect an educational video explaining to Perth shoppers that it’s alright to walk up escalators


    • Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

      Well that’s going to take all the fun and surprise out of driving in Perth.

      Next they will be telling us we can’t run over pedestrians from the Eastern States either.


    • Snuff says:

      As everyone in Tokyo knows, you stand on the left side and walk on the right, or vice versa in Osaka, and it works perfectly. So I was sure my leg was being pulled when I was recently informed by a friend that you’re now not supposed to. Fortunately there’s as much chance of that happening as anyone turning off their phones when using the Courtesy Seats on the trains.


      • snave says:

        What the heck? That’s nuts. I’m almost hoping they turn it into a nationalistic point of pride like Seoul did (to cover up shoddy escalators inacapable of taking an unbalanced load). The authoritarian signage would be hilarious.


        • Snuff says:

          Nobody is going to be anything other than vaguely bemused at a notion that so obviously flies in the face of common sense, snave.

          p.s. Should anyone ever find themselves in the rare situation where somebody doesn’t observe this tradition, don’t pass up the opportunity to crack up a total stranger. Walk up the escalator until you’re directly behind the offender, turn to the person next to you, exchange a resigned expression and whisper … K Y. I guarantee they’ll appreciate the irony of a foreigner, whom by default are 空気読めない (kuki yomenai) observing said behaviour, given that it means not only oblivious, but also innapropriate.


    • pete says:

      If you’re in that big a hurry that you need to walk up a moving staircase then you’re a bit of a wanker in my book.

      Just make sure you do something important with the 8 seconds that you save…too late, you’re at a shopping centre looking at novelty boob aprons and iphone socks.


  5. Legend 101 says:

    The only good thing to ever be painted in Perth!


  6. snave says:

    I totally want to stake my claim on that bronze “placeholder in case the state ever gets a person of note” embedded at the foot of the stairs on platform 4 at Perth station. Of course, this is assuming the state gets a person of note and it is removed. And then the question must be raised: what happens if we get two persons of note? Do they have to duke it out for the coveted plaque?


  7. Nate says:

    Hi. I’m in Iran at the moment, and can’t see the picture above, as it’s banned by the Iranian government censors. However, if I were in Perth right now, I would be stealing those pavers (I remember them) like they’re going out of style.

    In other Iranian news – TWOP is not censored by the Iranian government (just the photos), but, fortunately, every other Perth news website is 100% inaccessible. The websites of Perthnow, WAtoday,, ABC, and almost every Australian newspaper is banned in Iran. TWOP, is my sole news connection with Perth. Also, Facebook is banned, twitter is banned. My own website, is banned. Not that thats a bad thing, I’m sick of that thing. I only put it in the link so TLA would know who I was. Don’t click on it.

    Anyway, I have a great Iran worst, I’ll send it when my Internet connection is better.


  8. Joel T says:

    That fence doesn’t look very high. Time to get me some beautiful yard ornaments.


  9. Simon G says:

    Sad to say, they all disappeared yesterday… TLA must have stirred She-Ra into action. In retrospect, the scale the fences plan prior to asking may have been the better option (although there were 2 bard wire fences and a pretty steep embankment to carry them up). I’ll keep an eye out to see if they show up again.


  10. Simon G says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. I thought you must have struck a deal and I was looking forward to seeing what novel use you came up with for the 100 or so slabs. Maybe she is just gift wrapping them?


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