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Pert City Summit

I attended The Perth City Summit, held at 8:30 am on Saturday, (presumably in order to avoid serving free piss). Fare was scones and mini croissants. Not a mini quiche to be seen! Teh second string Verity James was in … Continue reading

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Perth City Library

How strange for a new Perth building to be a not worst! The new library was lovely. Not entirely sold on the  outside, maybe timber rather than the granite, but it was good. Light and open. But a library must … Continue reading

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Erasing Memory

Ahem, Lisa Scaffidi, She-Ra Princess of Power, long may you reign etc…What has happened to the plaque announcing the opening of the Cultural Centre by Brian Burke? Clearly seen here seven or eight years ago? If it is being “culturally … Continue reading

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The Hahn Ice sign in West Perth is gone. Desecration. Where was She-Ra when this was painted over? Disgraceful.  Vanished worst. Here it is when life was good. By Pete F.

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New Street Art Friends

How refreshing to see Lisa She-Ra Princess of Power Scaffidi signalling an end to the tedious wall mural craze, casting the deciding vote to leave at least one fucking city wall blank. As Bento notes, “Have we given up trying … Continue reading

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The architecture mag is now online. (Autumn 2015). Where myself, She-Ra AND Alannah opine on the city. Finally the right three are together.

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Cultural Embarassador

I’m going with not worst for this. (obviously). Unless you can speak Chinese, in which case I have a new category. Worst pronunciation of Chinese by me. If subtitles don’t appear, click CC button.

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Kennedy Revived

Straight after seeing this report here Lisa She-Ra Scaffidi Princess of Power was onto the Kings Park board over the derelict Kennedy Fountain. Who kind of said it was her fault. Anyway, a new lick of paint and a bit … Continue reading

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The Bourne Legacy

I suppose there’s no need to keep holding this willy after this morning. Different artist though I think. I guess once you’ve done one then what’s the difference? The difference between zero and one is the important number. Doodles seem … Continue reading

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