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Lazy Post Vibrancy

Has yarnbombing reached such low levels that  they are just printing it out now? Just a piece of plastic. I don’t see stitch one. Or is this post truth post vibrancy. 

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Most Sittable City

Looks like Bayswater’s vibrancy control officer is already on the job. Post vibrant parklet. 

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Masterpieces of Post Vibrancy

Beautifully captured by Chris D, this High Wycombe installation showcasing both Cotton Palm and Cocos, somehow – deliberately- making them even uglier than before. It’s pure genius on every level. 

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Oh Bayswater!

I’m liking the cheeky post vibrancy seen in Baysie.  Classic.  

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Desert Flower 

Beautiful piece of lawn registration. When you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you haven’t simply dumped garbage on your own verge. Embleton.  

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A backwards step towards vibrancy

I knew our post vibrancy progress was to good to be true. Here we are going back to just bog standard vibrancy. We’re better than this. The release from She-Ra’s lair, “Temporary art enhances the vibrancy of the urban environment … Continue reading

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Two art critiquing pieces this week. One by Dave P. Good ideas indeed. The offending piece (in the museum) was apparently this. And Alasdair sees the self congratulating sign for The Art Gallery of WA has gone very post-vibrant, although … Continue reading

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El Kabong

A New Years Eve aftermath masterpiece by Perineum. On the Barrio Fitzgerald Street North Perth. Not everyone like I gave my love a cherry right?

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Reenvibrancing the post vibrant

If that’s what they are trying to say here.

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Why? Because shut up! Devastating Mandurah scene by Alasdair. Could it be more perfect? And is this the style of letterbox featured more than 7 years ago?

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