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Shedism Classic

Baffling piece of Shedism in front of Royal Perth hospital. There’s even a shedist covered walkway. 

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New Museum a loveletter to Shedism

Which isn’t really a surprise. Perth’s only genuine architectural movement Shedism is referenced in myriad ways here. The shed shape, the (transparent?) corrugated iron motif on the top floor, the disdain towards location and heritage buildings. That Koolhaas has finally … Continue reading

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Vote  1 Shedism?

I’m half inclined to vote this council election, but in my ward, this bloke seems most likely. I’m not voting for the others. If you’ve been in council for 25 years – no. It’s over. But Jonathan Jones is an … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 214 coarse climax

I apologise for any inconveieniences over today’s late Outrage Sunday. After a wonderful party in Mosman Park I rested my eyes on the train home – and woke up in Midland with three transit guards around me (or was it … Continue reading

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Worst Tours

Alasdair notes that derelict, broke architects are doing “worst tours” of Porto, Portugal. Why can’t our architects in Perth be doing this – or doing anything else apart from designing buildings? I wonder if the Porto guys are aware of … Continue reading

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City Beach Shedism?

I have an ominous feeling about my favourite beach City Beach. I hope Shedism isn’t coming to spoil this lovely spot. I haven’t looked for the artist impression in case there is corrugated iron, or worse, mini orb in play. … Continue reading

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Two art critiquing pieces this week. One by Dave P. Good ideas indeed. The offending piece (in the museum) was apparently this. And Alasdair sees the self congratulating sign for The Art Gallery of WA has gone very post-vibrant, although … Continue reading

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Hills Shedism

What am I looking at here? Is this…a…house? An ark? In any case it’s pure Shedism, Perth’s very own architectural movement. If only those tree corpses were Cocoses. Surely this is not a house. Somewhere in the Hills.

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The continued rise of Shedism

There have been more examples of Shedism suggested, Western Australia’s contribution to the built environment, kind of like the architectural version of  a safari suit. The still incomplete Perth Arena is still getting critical acclaim as seen by Herb , whereas Jaidyn … Continue reading

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