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Teh Tuppy

Chris D loves the Tuppy. And Magneto font. 

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Mrs Palmer’s Fortress

I thought I’d posted this. But can’t find it. Fortress Palm in Joondanna. By Chris D. Also, the limestone letterbox has escaped sanction over the years.

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Not Golden

Chris D shared a Gosnells building so perfect, that I’m assigning it immediately to not worst. That it’s not golden is the best bit. 

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Pure Slut

Apparently. By Chris D. There’s a relentless Perthness in all aspects of this. 

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Sliding Doors

I will only open the boot if it’s on the chain. You never know who’s in there. A chain latch. Wonderful. By Chris D. Hamilton Hill. 

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Masterpieces of Post Vibrancy

Beautifully captured by Chris D, this High Wycombe installation showcasing both Cotton Palm and Cocos, somehow – deliberately- making them even uglier than before. It’s pure genius on every level. 

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The Cheese remelted after 3 days.

Chris D was outraged by this sight at a Belmont swap meet. Would Jesus Lazarus the cheese in an abandoned toastie? In Belmont? Cheese never comes back.  

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Baking it

The gents in Bakers Hill. Possibly disturbing. Unless it’s a quote. From someone from Katanning. By Chris D.  

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