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Cutting your Grass

By Casual Observer. Subiaco. It’s kind of calming. I will miss the registered lawns. I note also that The Vic Hotel in Subi is likely closing. Which will add yet another closed business node to the hub. Soon the closed businesses … Continue reading

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Desert Flower 

Beautiful piece of lawn registration. When you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you haven’t simply dumped garbage on your own verge. Embleton.  

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Goodbye Tasya

We’ll never forget you. By Pete F. Mosman Park.       

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I love this Baysie house. It’s near the fish and chip and tattoo precincts btw. I find it heartwarming that the owner has made top dressing the council’s verge more of a priority than attaching the verandah posts to the … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 196 karesansui Edgewater

Thanks to Snuff I have been boning up on the epic art of Japanese rock gardens, or karesansui. I went back to Edgewater – the very name hints at the art – to immerse myself in the verge masterpieces. There … Continue reading

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Form and function

And for every step forward the city takes, some verges are still rooted in the past, unable to shake of their registering ways. Nice bonus dead tree too. By JaneZ.

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Registered Lawns

OK, there has been some questions from interstate and international TWOP fans about what a registered lawn is in Perth. Here is the lowdown. The strip of (public) land between your front boundary and the road is the arena of … Continue reading

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