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Desert Flower 

Beautiful piece of lawn registration. When you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you haven’t simply dumped garbage on your own verge. Embleton.  

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Still the Wirren

Orbea went back to this site, 5 years after his original post. What a time it was. Legend 101 was right in his baffling identity theft mode then. But how wonderful that something so crappy and so ephemeral is still … Continue reading

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The Fence of St. Paul

Bunbarian had a road to Damascus moment. He was all set to condemn a half arsed fence, a relentless blue sky and some crappy palms in Bunbury, when he fell to the ground sobbing. He loved it all, and wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Keep Off

You can take my cold dead shrub from my cold dad registered lawn. By NF#1. Embleton.    

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World Cup Vibrancy

i can’t tell if this is soooo previbrant that it actually goes beyond Post Vibrancy.  

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Edge of reality

TONSKI sends in the al fresco area of a Henderson lunch bar as a worst. But I love it. I would totally eat a (possibly still slightly frozen in the centre) Chiko Roll here.

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Silver Birch

I like the idea of painting dead trees silver. Could work well with our swathes of dieback forest. Mt Hawthorn.

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North to Araby

This will be me later this week. By Mrs P&O. A shame no shot of the back door – or toe for that matter, but worthy. Wanneroot Rd. Tank stand possibly not included.

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Hyde Park Massacre

Lots of development at Hyde Park, but the ethos kind of puzzling. There is the (natch) artist impression and the “mission statement”, but WTF? They have called in an airstrike on the islands in the lake, under the justification of … Continue reading

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You would expect a certain climate change skepticism in Perth’s Western suburbs, particularly in Nedlands, where the residents have the reputation of being a little over conservative. But this home-owner is ready for the hole in the ozone layer to poop down … Continue reading

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