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Not Brutal Enough

No architecture for a while but this… I’m a big fan of Brutalism, but this hodgepodge in Wellington Street is sad to say rubbish. Especially the colourbond addition. Nursing or something. 

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Shedism Classic

Baffling piece of Shedism in front of Royal Perth hospital. There’s even a shedist covered walkway. 

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Chopstix of Time

Finally the TAB has triumphed. Chopstix, documented as derelict over 8 years ago is finally gone. There was a brief resurgence as an illegal skateboard…place. A new cartridge world to come? Beaufort Street Inglewood. A sad and yet exhilarating day. … Continue reading

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Manky Alex Building 

Surprising how manky the expensive Alex Hotel building is already looking! This boring piece, somehow beloved by Perth architects, started off crappy and will resemble a mouldy piece of bread in a year or so. Is that a piss or … Continue reading

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Grease Trap

Had a look at the recent City Beach development, and I was blown away by the kerning on the grease trap signage. Absolutely magnificent! Can there be a better and more picturesquely positioned grease trap? Right on the beach? Can … Continue reading

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Dap Kings

Came across secret DAP plans for Bayswater. But despite the cookie cutter brutality, it’s still better than what’s there now. The decrepit fish shop, the corrugated iron piss shop, the Fair Trade chunk of crap – all of it could … Continue reading

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Amenia New York

In the now traditional fashion of treating the whole planet in terms of being environs -albeit distant of Perth, BSWAM presents Amenia NY. Once again I’m not entirely certain if BSWAM understands what worst is vis a vis here. Amenia … Continue reading

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Knobbing Off

Check out Ray Sparvell’s classic “Nothing has happened still and again“, story on the Guildford Hotel. Although it seems the knobbing off ceremony is a little closer. I hope Outrage is on hand. Ta Bento.

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Visiting Elizabeth Quay

Well I guess I had to go down there. Well it’s not exactly bad, just a bit underwhelming and pointless. After the trees have grown for 30 years, there might be some shade relief to the merciless baking paving. The … Continue reading

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The Condemned

How long before the Nedlands Council has this condemned? The setbacks and the parapet walls of stages 2 and 3 will be stillborn. By Pete F.

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