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Bento claims this North Perth effort is Perth’s shittiest wall mural! Strong words, and a strong field in which to make them. Have you not been to Curtin recently Bento? *shudder*. No, this is well down the field. There’s no … Continue reading

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Royalties for Gentleman’s Club

Senectus saw a wonderful Landcorp investment in North Perth. I would have thought an investment in drink hosties next door might have paid off better. But that’s why I’m not minister for crapholes and baffled bumpkin money toilets. Which is … Continue reading

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Extreme Vibrancy

Me? No. But I hear it can happen in a small bar.  North Perth.   

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Two Blowouts

Undies rupture without the benefit of Green Ginger Wine these days apparently. One by Bento North Perth. One by Pete F., Claremont.  Shouldn’t Claremont have a better brand of blowout?    

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Obviously a murder hole…

Or possibly genuine swimwear sale. In the middle of…winter. In North Perth. In a disused Servo.  Sounds legit. By…wait, what is he called now? Jaidyn Jaxxon?  

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Fried Green Ennui

I used to have this. Now I have a Hyundai. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. True Story.

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El Kabong

A New Years Eve aftermath masterpiece by Perineum. On the Barrio Fitzgerald Street North Perth. Not everyone like I gave my love a cherry right?

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Honk if you’re running into my house

Yes and yes from Big Ramifications. (A stalwart?). I haven’t been to Howlers. But obviously they are buying in some decent fresh North Perth melon. I like the twin honkers on the roof too. And is that a disabled railing … Continue reading

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Perth Slo Machines

Rick M notes the continued slow mouldering of Perth Slot Machines on the Barrio, Fitzgerald Street North Perth. God knows what’s in there. There haven’t been slo machines in there for at least 30 years. I like that it’s there. … Continue reading

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I slam wanks

Well I wouldn’t go as far as slamming wanks. As long as you don’t overdo them of course. By Stu. North Perth.

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