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Strictly speaking these “blown” undies should be on the footpath with an empty goon bag, but I’ll allow it. Wait, is that a hand stitched gusset????

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Express Post

I hope Bag O’Turnips can identify the horsepower of this letterbox. Embleton. 

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The Embleton Triangle 

What? This is on my street. Today. Am I a warlord now? Will I need a jungle laboratory in Kalamunda? Which, would increase the rateable value of the town, but even so. And I’m on the respectable side of Embleton! … Continue reading

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Desert Flower 

Beautiful piece of lawn registration. When you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you haven’t simply dumped garbage on your own verge. Embleton.  

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Keep Off

You can take my cold dead shrub from my cold dad registered lawn. By NF#1. Embleton.    

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That’s how to disguise a chopped Cocos. Embleton.

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Happy Birthday Pedo

By me. On road across from Bayswater Council, Embleton.

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View to a Kill

To the tradition of great Perth bench views, (of which there are many, A, B, C, and of course D ) add the wonderful panorama of Beechboro Road, where you can sit back and enjoy the semi trailer stack or … Continue reading

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Jesus saves Barinas

At first blush, methinks claims for a Jesus return are rather undercut by the canvas of a Barina. By Paul R, Embleton. Is Jesus coming back soon, or quickly? Or both?

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What has Perth civilisation come to? A council worker can’t lay down some wet concrete without some plonker hopped up on (I’m guessing) Howling Wolves, Bare Rooted or mojito juice carving the Chinese symbol for ghost or demon into the … Continue reading

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