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Mandurah, by Alasdair.

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Links Course

Aladair shows golf as it should be played, a la Mandurah. What am I looking at here? Is this a links course? And would a Hahns have killed them?

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Parking Breakfast

A mini masterpiece by Alasdair. Location unknown. 

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Berber Bear

Alasdair now gives us an abandoned Berber bear in Tangier. Has the lighting of the French Connection. Excellent. 

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Alasdair – of Mandurah sends a picture – not of Crabtown but of …Cadiz. Well it looks better than any bar on Beaufort. They are all played. 

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Lawn Deregistration

Alasdair shared the lawn version of the Protocols of Zion. Can a lawn really be deregistered or is that just an early 20th century Russian hoax? BSWAM might be interested in this.  Maybe some of the desert versions need to … Continue reading

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Mandurah Mer-Boozies 

Alasdair saw a nice set of pontoons down Crabtown way. But would it have killed them to get the rivets lined up with the nips?

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Flower reclassification gone mad

Now it’s going to be the best wildflower season for decades – you can even see it from space according to WA Toady, (but I immediately don’t believe that). But Alasdsair is concerned that this Carl Saganesque bloom may be … Continue reading

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Mondo Hands

By Alasdair. Preston, Melbourne. Lovely brick oil tank. 

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The Big Short

Never mind the height, feel the quality!  Am I right? By Alasdair.  

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