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Desk of Souls

I guess a DJ desk of skulls looks a lot better at night and when you are drunk, or …undead or similar. And the missing noggin? Daylight and sober, kind of crappy. Leederville. Statin Quarter.

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Most Sittable City

Looks like Bayswater’s vibrancy control officer is already on the job. Post vibrant parklet. 

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Bedbugs in the prostitute precinct

I thought they were known as “Johns”? Guy T sees a mattress tableaux on Broome st Highgate, home of the irate prostitute. Well, it’s no Stirling Street, but…  Very much like the “No…In” in the bg. Nicely framed.

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It never forgets

From GoldenOne. East Brunswick Victoria.

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Hurry Hurry

Soiled and broken chairs we would normally have to pay to have thrown in a skip, can, with a special discount code be offered to the general public at an incredible $5 each. Missing leg tables also available on request. … Continue reading

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Bedhead entertainment unit

Lovely clock radio encrusted bed seen by BuddhaLalaland, made evn more amazing by the fact that it’s not on the verge. Maylands Salvos want good money for it. Maylands new vibrancy has a cost. That cost is $65.

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Princess Bubblegum sat here

The boom for the cashed up never ends in the northern suburbs. Years ago as it ever was. By TDoh. Wanneroot Rd.

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Artistic Arse Rests Clickboompow!

Haven’t we talked about this arrondissement nonsense before? http://www.vincent.wa.gov.au/Home/News/%E2%80%9CNew_York%E2%80%9D_NRM_Seating_Artwork Why is the TOV going to New York for chair design? Surely we have some wanky arse rest designers here? Probably find 20 just on Beaufort Street. How much did it … Continue reading

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Sugar Candy Mountain

Paul E. saw this in East Victoria Park. A slice of student heaven? Perhaps the law of diminishing returns would kick in after the second student couch was attained.

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The Benches of Point Percy

Grilla took a stroll around Point Percy (aka Point Walter) and discovered a tourist trail that puts the covered bridges of Madison County to shame. The benches of Point Percy each have their own flavour. One has views but is … Continue reading

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