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Mandurah, by Alasdair.

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Links Course

Aladair shows golf as it should be played, a la Mandurah. What am I looking at here? Is this a links course? And would a Hahns have killed them?

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Mandurah Mer-Boozies 

Alasdair saw a nice set of pontoons down Crabtown way. But would it have killed them to get the rivets lined up with the nips?

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Outrage Sunday 254 Northern Suburbs

That crown-fumbling Bento provides a timely update on a superb Bayswater bus stop, with bonus registered lawn. I prefer this verdant winter shot. This is just enraging. More Bethany time for me. Subiaco, where Fire & Ice was. Hopefully they’ll … Continue reading

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Crab Town City Limits

Literally. By an associate of Reign of Error.    

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Or has it?

Treated with contempt by termites maybe. I love these. Aspirational signing in Mandurah. The termites are behind you. By Alasdair.

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Here Piggy

With a boot full of blue swimmers…take that pigs. By Alasdair. Mandurah.  

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Silver Sands Visitor

A lovely view of Mandurah by Alasdair. The skip is a little ominous. But let us welcome all this Australia Day.

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Brown Waters

So what’s the happs dogs? Outrage been worsting up well while I’ve been away? Alasdair saw a delightful Mandurah placemaking node. Is that…a…sewn up scrotum bottom left? In any case, bore water magic.

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Why? Because shut up! Devastating Mandurah scene by Alasdair. Could it be more perfect? And is this the style of letterbox featured more than 7 years ago?

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