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Wonky Eye

This split level eyed woman on the Beaufort Arrondissement has annoyed me for years. Always want to get out and lower the top one. Maybe why I never quite join the Beaufort Street Network.  

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Gone to the cloud

Sad news. Henk’s Jesus and Dino themed Internet cafe shell has finally moved to the cloud. And been replaced with yet another arrondissement massage centre. I’m no fan of Jesus, but I prefer Henk’s to this. Never has one road … Continue reading

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You park without vibrancy.

By David M. Beaufort St. Is a wild boar really practical? I’m sure you could get your penis eaten by an angry poodle, but a wild boar? Aka cingiali.

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The Unsaved

Six years later, the Jesus saves dinosaur Internet cafe is still sad and vacant. Just the outline of the cross remains. I notice that beard barbering shops are closing in nearby. Pray.

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Ok, what’s going on with this piece of crap? This has been left abandoned for months, some public art that may manage to be an eyesore during and after completion. Are they saving for wine for Alannah Mactiernan to open … Continue reading

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