Tenuous at best.  Why do Jesus lovers persist in trying to bring the funny, when clearly this isn’t working?  Why don’t they stick to spouting mumbo-jumbo, hating gays, fiddling with children and tax avoision?  Do they really need to diversify their portfolio even further?

By Matt – that’s him there in the window.


No need to bother about eternity anyway, when you can live forever, like the zombies the Duxton exhumed to publicise their bridal expo.  And Jesus.  By Rebecca P.

Zombie bride

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2 Responses to Eternity

  1. GIv says:

    Only enter the front with your rubber sheath fitted thank you


  2. mezzzz says:

    Knock Knock

    Duxton: who’s there?

    Buff Jesus: …me..

    Duxton: me who?

    BF: …me…Jesus

    Dx: is it about the sign?

    BF: yes, I’m a bit troubled by it – you are proposing a conundrum

    D: oh? we thought it was ironic

    BF: how in the hell is that ironic?!

    Dx: satanic bride, jock from Glee – would never happen…

    BF: no, no, the sign on the car

    Dx: the Ichthys?

    BF: no the anagram

    Dx: Inhere Joey Twists Tutu?

    BF: NO! Enter STOP Do STOP Not STOP eternity

    Dx: that’s not an anagram

    BF:… oh yeah… sorry … I meant telegram…

    sorry about the long intro but thismakes Jesus a little more sad sad


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