The Bunbury of The North

Every city has its country cousin who’s main reason for existing is to be made fun of by the city folk. For Perth it’s Bunbury, a couple of hours south of the city.

The Bunbury of The North

If you want to see shock, incomprehension and rage flit across a Perth person’s face in a few seconds, then this tshirt is for you. You couldn’t give a greater insult. Wearing the test version, I thought I was going to be assaulted. It is a little unfair though. Perth is not The Bunbury of the North. It’s the Geraldton of the South.

I expected to have more time to get Worst of Perth tshirts printed, and online sales worked out, but the blog is becoming popular faster than I expected. However if you want one, and are in the city (or Bunbury for that matter) contact me and we’ll work out a way to get one out to you. (Bunbury City Council. I’ll do you a deal on a palette’s worth.)

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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12 Responses to The Bunbury of The North

  1. Golden1 says:

    Hello, was just in Bunbury recently – it was a truly awful experience. The highlight for me was spotting a shop with one of the most inspired names I have ever seen.
    What were they thinking!


  2. lazyaussie says:

    I think it was a John Wyndam book, (Perhaps “The Kraken Wakes”?) where giant barrel shaped alien squid emerge from the sea near Bunbury . I saw one driving a Nissan Patrol in the main street of Bunbury not 2 weeks ago.

    But keep your eyes on Perth, the main game people. The “Worst of The Great Southern” will be happening in the future I assure you.


  3. Tara says:

    Hey Bunners is awwwright… Slowly slowly it’s shrugging off the bogan exterior and embracing the waterfront as an asset, not a wasteland.


  4. Bridie says:

    what an insult to bunbury :)


  5. Bunbury is a reference to “The Importance of Being Ernest” isn’t it ? Although when the characters refer to Bunburying Wilde may have been hinting at something altogether different.


  6. lazyaussie says:

    “Bunbury is quite exploded.” is a line from the play I think.


  7. forkboy1971 says:

    I had the unfortunate pleasure of being born and bred in Bunbury. Growing up in a sleeping little shit hole called Carey Park. A charming state housing estate that all you had to look forward too was watching the local fotty team….the Carey Park “Panthers”. Heaven forbid you ever barrack for another team somethings as exotic as Coliie!!….fuck me people…….escape while you can!


  8. bunburyuk says:

    I would like to say I am a east coast city person moved here early this year & have had some of the worst expierences in my life here in Bunbury! The council are the most discracful bunch of tools I have ever come across. Someone like myself moves here & sees a lot of potential and proposes an idea to the council which none of the other lazy bunbury bogans would of thought of, & what do you know one of the council chief excecs. son’s has somehow come up with the EXACT same idea!!!! what a CO-WINKI-DINK. I think not!


  9. vincent says:

    The place is just an older version of Mandurah and don’t be fooled into thinking that big houses aren’t owned by bogans who embrace the waterfront. You would have to level the town and kill off all the inhabitants as a start to cleaning up the towns image but, then you might think “why should I bother?”.


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  11. Lucy says:

    It’s Bunvegas to you!


  12. Lisette says:

    Hey vincent!
    That’s unfair!
    I’m a resident. Not an inbred yokel. My husband is a professional ( and the reason I’m still here). I did ask my neighbour, the wife of a lawyer ( yes I know) f she knew any educated born and Breda? I will get back to tou, she said. My theory is they don’t appreciate us, for helping them manage their f’ed up selves. They think we are sitting ducks to rip off coz we are saps.
    Please don’t kill me.
    When my children are finished with the joint, and I’ve figured on a goods ace to go, I shall leave.
    It’s a shame, as nature made it a beautiful place. Just the yokels want ro repress and kill all of life.
    God might save them, I hope not.
    Sorry for those who had a bad experience, some of us are beautiful, but yes, we are not from here, just bunburying far too long.


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