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War Zone

Pete F. Saw this scene of devastation. Can’t remember where. 

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I brake for Jesus

Some cautionary perhaps contradictory Jesusing as seen by Pete F.

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Howard’s Ends End

The fatback’s long gone, but you just want to hold on to those Midsomer VHS tapes a little longer. Pete F trawling the trash of…who knows where. Assumedly the western suburbs. With a classic Carnarvon banana box. 

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Hatchet from the sky 

Hilarious if baffling image from Pete F. He titles it “looking for my contacts”. 

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Bad in the dark

Beautiful, beautiful  worst by Pete F. Somewhere in the dark on a lonely highway to Gerro. Royalties for Rurotards money going to waste in a deserted spot. Still identified as “Bad As” by local critics, just in from some frenzied … Continue reading

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Survival of the fashionable

Dead wrong Pete F. It’s all about the death toll. Formerly Seaview Tavern So Fro, now SeaviewX So Fro.  

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Kondinin Road, Take Me Home…

Pete F. Took to the Country road where a favourite street meme was seen. If only they were targeting wall murals. I fear Stormie Mills’ paint stained Sigma station wagon will even penetrate this far.  

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