Outrage Sunday 210 you rock 

I know JJ will love this. I love it too: I always knew these western suburbs bays were god’s country.  



This wasn’t so rocking. WWF is making a grave error: I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on that new spelling show on the teev.  


Church is open, but Madkuntz is closed? See you in Maylands for some chiaking on Wednesday!  


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5 Responses to Outrage Sunday 210 you rock 

  1. Sir Bill International says:

    Watch out , Maylands derros wandering the streets for the two week Swallow is closed , and “Experienced bar personnel” : surely Lannie is a shoe in for that. Oh wait, other side of the bar.


  2. BSWAM says:

    “Swallow is looking for experienced bar staff”

    Please indicate size of golf ball and length of garden hose.


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