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Outrage Sunday 257 abstract

I thought I’d struck gold at the Cottesloe verge pick-up. Next to a vacuum shampooer box and a Sleepmaker was a gaint egg and spoon! I huffed and I puffed but I couldn’t get it into the Jizz. Didn’t I … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 250 which way?

On the way to an Uncertain future: I am In my jimmy-jams.   

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Please let me paint dudes with tree beards

Seriously now, this wall mural madness has got to stop. I mean it. Wasn’t I just saying that wall murals were so boring and the most uninteresting idea you could ever have that even SUBI would be doing it soon. … Continue reading

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The Damned

There’s a cafe, which has a chilling display of missing persons. At first glance blush it appears to be a public service announcement for those with information regarding a large number of people who perhaps have been abducted or murdered … Continue reading

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Yarn Bullshit Damns Subi

Just when you thought Subiaco couldn’t get more flatline, there’s this. They are too pissweak to even yarn bomb now! Instead of actually knitting or crocheting, they’re just wrapping a piece of canvas around a tree now. Wot. Fuck.  … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 219 beware of the birds

Our worsting overlord was ruthless with his worsting from the beautiful island. He didn’t see this enraging item, though. Maybe she wasn’t bewaring of the birds? They grabbed her snot-block and she wouldn’t let go. As previously seen in Geordie … Continue reading

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Free beer tomorrow, elephant gods today. Eighth Avenue Maylands is still shitting all over Rockeby Rd Subiaco. What will they come up with next? Free parking? 

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